Manage Your Foreign Tax Credit


Manage Your Foreign Tax Credit

Now you can claim your foreign tax credits for the taxes that have been paid in foreign countries. However, not all foreign taxes can be claimed there are few exceptions, and these credits can be carry forward or carry back to the previous or next year. Isn’t that good?

How to manage Foreign Tax Credit –

While filing your tax returns, you can now claim for an itemized deduction or tax credits every year. To claim this benefit it is not at all necessary to work or stay there. Your mutual funds money can also be claimed if you have paid foreign taxes on it or if there were any deductions on them. The only one general rule applied over here is that you can claim tax credits or the deductions, but not both.

What’s better – Tax Credits or Tax Deductions?

Claiming itemized deductions will normally provide you the least tax benefit. Incase if you are not able claim the foreign tax credit for some reason then the best alternative is to deduct these foreign taxes and avail the benefit. Tax credit will normally reduce your tax liabilities on per dollar basis, which is ultimately more valuable than the deductions, in the calculation of taxable income.

When exactly can you expect the returns?

The answer is very simple.
You can get the tax refunds when the tax you owe to IRS is less than the sum of the total amount of claimed refundable tax credits and the paid withholding amount. Few taxpayers can also get the refund from the previous year’s overpayment or through the earned income credit. Many tax sites can help you in calculating your actual returns online by answering just few questions. Remember, you should be careful enough while inputting any of your sensitive financial information. No wonder you can rely on the official IRS’s website ( and get acquainted with, but there are other good options too. Choose the right one.

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It’s just a question of initiating your tax refund calculations. Once you go deep inside, you yourself will be able to judge the most convenient and perfect option for getting back your returns. The most popular and preferred alternatives these days are the electronic filing with direct deposit, refund anticipation loans, rapid refunds and traditional paper filings.

The most preferred and the fasted way to get your tax refunds is by doing it online. All you need to do is just go and e-file your tax returns and opt for direct debit.

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